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Fast Material Delivery

DBV cooperate with the best suppliers in the industry,promising the quality from the start of the valves production.

DBV have many semi-finished stock of the ordinary valve material so that we can delivery customer valves very fast

DBV have rich experience of all kinds of material valves as bellow:

Stainless steel valves: CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3M, 2205, 304/L, 316/L, 317L, 310S

Carbon Casting steel valves: WCB, A105, WCC, LCC, LCB

Casting iron valves: GG20, GG25, GGG40, GGG50, A536 A395

Aluminuim bronze: C95400, C95500, C95800

Other material valves:

Ti material valves: TA1、TA2、TA10、TC4、Gr2、Gr3、Gr5
Ni material valves: N6,N201,N200,CZ-100
Hastelloy Valves: Hastelloy B(N-12MV,N-7M),Hastelloy C(CW-12MW)Hastelloy C276(CW-6M),Hastelloy C4,Hastelloy G30
Monel alloy valves: M-30C,M35-1,Monel 400,Monel 600,Monel K500 

Inconel valves: Inconel 600,Inconel 625(CW-6MC),Inconel 800,Inconel 690
Zirconium valves:Zirconium 702,Zirconium 705
Duplex stainless steel valves: S31803(SAF2205,F51),S32750(SAF2507,F53)
Super austenite stainless steel valves:1.4529,904L,254SMO,654SMO


Technical Support: Magic Lamp