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3 PC/3 piece forged Trunnion Ball Valve
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3 PC/3 piece forged Trunnion Ball Valve

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    DBV valve one of the most reliable casting and forged ball valve manufacturer of industry valve. According with API6D,ASME B16.34 and ANSI standards.With features such as Double block & bleed,Spring supported seat rings,Anti-blowout stems,Anti-static

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Valve Description


  Body Material   A105
  Nominal Pressure   900#
  Nominal Diameter   12"
  End Connection   RTJ
  Operation type   Gear
  Test & Inspection   API598
  Design Standard   API6D

 Special Notes:We also can do special material according to customer's requirements


Valve Details




All nameplates in our DBV Valve with Stainless steel nameplate.


 Plug vent design

When the valve is closed, the pressure in the body cavity will be accumulated and the pressure is removed by opening the blow-off valve.


 DBB Drain Valve

This design exsit in the trunnion ball valve.The waste or water of the inner cavity will be removed through drain valve.


 Raised face joint (RTJ)

RTJ surface is very clear and smooth.protected them very carefully without any surface scratch during processing the valve


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