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What are V-Type Control Ball Valves?

The DBV V-type Ball Valve has either a \'v\' shaped seat or a \'v\' shaped ball. This allows the orifice to be opened and closed in a more controlled manner, with a closer to linear flow characteristic. This type of valve is also known as a control valve because the flow velocities need to be controlled depending on the application.

Pneumatic V-type control ball valve is used in conjunction with valve positioner to realize proportional adjustment, and used in conjunction with two-position five-way solenoid valve and control box to realize switch control. V-shaped ball valve core is designed with a special-shaped V-shaped notch , With accurate interception properties and control functions, it is suitable for various control occasions. It has the advantages of large rated flow coefficient, large adjustable ratio, superior sealing performance, compact structure, small volume, and can be installed vertically and horizontally.It is suitable for gas, liquid, Control of solid granular media. Because there is no gap between the valve core and the valve seat, it has great shear force and self-cleaning performance, especially suitable for suspensions and solids containing fibrous or tiny solid particles particle control.

The air source signal pressure output by the double-acting positioner is respectively input into the left and right air chambers of the actuator piston. Due to the different air source pressures of the left and right air chambers of the input piston, a pressure difference is formed, which pushes the piston to move in a straight line. Through gear and rack transmission, the linear motion of the piston is converted into the rotational motion of the main shaft of the actuator until the pressures of the left and right air chambers are balanced and the motion stops. When the actuator rotates, it drives the valve stem and the valve core to rotate, changing the flow area between the valve core and the valve seat to achieve the purpose of adjustment.





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