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FEP Lined Globe Valve
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  • FEP Lined Globe Valve

FEP Lined Globe Valve

  • Product description:

    soft seat globe valve,with PFA/FEP/PTFE lining is uitable for all kinds of organic solvents,inorganic corrosive liquids (oxidizing acids).

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Valve Description


  Body Material   WCB
  Nominal Pressure   150#
  Nominal Diameter   8"
  End Connection   RF
  Operation type   Handwheel
  Test & Inspection   EN12266-1
  Design Standard   DIN3356

 Special Notes:We also can do special material according to customer's requirements


Valve Details



 FEP lining

FEP material has extremely corrosion resistance and chemical stability;Applicable media:Any organic solvent or reagent, dilute or concentrated inorganic acid, alkali, ketone, aromatic hydrocarbon, chlorinated hydrocarbon,etc.


 Flow direction

The globe valve only allows one-way flow of medium and has directionality during installation. The flow direction of medium shall be consistent with the arrow direction shown on the valve body.


 Rising stem OS&Y

The thread of the globe valve stem is outside the valve body. The utility model has the advantages that the valve stem is not eroded by the medium and is convenient for lubrication. This structure is widely used.



Operation type:Handwheel,gear,pneumatic actuator,electric actuator,hydralic actuator etc.


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