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Oxygen Service Triple Offset Butterfly Valve Instructions for Use

1 Usage and Features

DBV triple offset butterfly valve is functioned as flow regulating and cutting off in water, gas supply and drainage pipelines of petroleum, chemical, refinery, mining, power plant, energy, transportation, agricultural, waterworks, environmental, construction, pharmacy and biology industry.

2 Installation guide

aThe impurities should be cleaned before valve installation, preventing the sealing face damage by the impurities.

b.The valve should be kept properly and avoiding collisions before its installation.

c.Note the flow direction when installing the valve, the arrow on valve body indicates the flow direction of the medium.

d.Flanges bolts should be bolted symmetrically, to bolt from just on side of the bolt is prohibited.

e.The expansion should be placed after the valve.

f.The valve should not be installed at the turnings or the end of the pipes.





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