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ktraining on electric actuators

DBV has organized knowledge training on electric actuators, committed to improving the skill level of employees.
Electric actuators are an indispensable component of modern automation systems, widely used in fields such as oil and gas, construction, and equipment control. In order to continuously improve the level of employees and maintain a competitive advantage,

DBV has invited top electric actuator manufacturers to provide training to employees, in order to enhance their professional knowledge and skills in the field and understand the cutting-edge technology.
The training plan covers the principles, categories, characteristics, and more of electric actuators. This training also provides employees with a platform for interactive communication with industry experts, where they can share experiences, answer questions, and receive practical advice.

The department leader stated that this training is part of the company's sustainable development strategy, aimed at improving the technical proficiency and professional competence of employees. They believe that through this investment, employees will be able to better cope with various challenges and provide customers with higher quality products and services.
By participating in electric actuator training, DBV once again demonstrated its commitment to technical leadership and employee development.

In the future, DBV will continue to actively monitor the development of new technologies and continuously enhance our capabilities and competitiveness through training programs and other means.





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