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Double Acting Scotch and Yoke Actuator Triple Offset Butterfly Valve


DBV Double acting scotch and yoke actuator triple offset butterfly valve  has the advantages of small size, light weight, reliable performance, simple matching and large flow capacity, especially suitable for occasions where the medium is viscous, contains particles and fibers. At present, the valve is widely used in food, environmental protection, light industry, petroleum, papermaking.


The working principle of DBV Double acting scotch and yoke actuator triple offset butterfly valve:

The double-acting butterfly valve has two air chambers on the left and right. The air source signal pressure output by the double-acting positioner of the pneumatic butterfly valve is input into the left and right air chambers of the actuator piston respectively. Due to the different pressures of the air source input to the air chambers on both sides, a pressure difference will be formed between the two air chambers, thereby pushing the piston to move in a straight line. Through gear and rack transmission, the linear motion of the piston is converted into the rotational motion of the main shaft of the actuator. When the pressures of the left and right air chambers are balanced, the motion stops. If it is necessary to adjust the flow, it is necessary to drive the valve stem and valve core to rotate while the actuator is rotating, so as to change the flow area between the valve core and the valve seat to achieve the purpose of adjustment.


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