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Pneumatic Cryogenic Ball Valve
  • Pneumatic Cryogenic Ball Valve
  • Pneumatic Cryogenic Ball Valve
  • Pneumatic Cryogenic Ball Valve
  • Pneumatic Cryogenic Ball Valve

Pneumatic Cryogenic Ball Valve

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    DBV has two factories and both of them make cryogenic ball valve.

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Pneumatic Cryogenic Flanged Ball Valve

Valve Features:

1.The compression parts can endure the expansion and shrinkage resulted from the temperature variety of medium, and sealing structure is away from permanent deformation under temperature changes.

2.The bonnet is shaped long-necked for the purpose to protect the function of packing box, making packing box somewhat away from low temperature to ensure good seal of packing. Beside, it can be wound with cold insulating materials to prevent loss of cold energy.

Cryogenic Ball Valve

3.Under the temperature below 100℃, the material of valve stem will be treated with chrome-plating or nitriding to enhance the surface hardness of valve stem and the dependability of packing.

4.The valve takes a structure to avoid abnormal pressure rise.

Pneumatic Valve

5.The gaskets used on cryogenic ball valves may function dependable sealing and restoration under normal and cryogenic or under the conditions of temperature changes.

6.Application:  The cryogenic ball valve is mainly used in the chemical equipment of ethylene and LNG, etc. to handle cryogenic liquid medium like ethylene, liquid oxygen, liquid hydrogen and so on. These types of inflammable and explosive medium can be volumetrically expanded by several hundred times when being gasified under temperature rise, and are difficult to manufacture due to their highly penetrative and leaky properties.

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